Graham Wardle

Graham Wardle

Technical Advisor/Risk Consultant, Current-Trends

Operating as a UK sole trader – (Current-Trends) providing  audit’s, inspection, review and consultancy services primarily in relation to  off-site School Trips in Asia & UK. During the past four decades  he was worked in the fields of Leisure Management, International Education and Outdoor Learning, as an instructor, coach, sports development officer, trainer/assessor, lecturer, teacher & risk manager. His extensive experience has been  at a variety of organisations,  UK  Local Authority, National Centres for Sport, National Governing Bodies, Sport England and NIST International School Bangkok.

For a twenty year period, Graham was instrumental in the development of White Water Safety & Rescue techniques in the UK, Europe, USA and SE Asia, where he was the UK delegate at the International Safety Symposiums in Germany, the UK and USA and worked extensively on the development of the Chest Harness and its use in Whitewater Safety/Rescue. As British Canoeing, former Vice Chair of UK Coaching and Executive Committee Member, he played a pivotal role in the Coaching awards development. From 1984-2024.

 Throughout the past two decades in Asia, he has ensured that schools & providers work towards industry good practice via the staging of national coaching awards, independent audits (BSI 8848 )and the establishment of internationally accredited Outdoor Risk Management/Trip Leader Training programmes.

His current interests continue to lie in the development of coaching professionalism for the adventure sports coach and overall risk management on school trips/expeditions. He  has played a pivotal role in the foundation and driving forward of  the Asian OFFSEAS Forum acting as a catalyst during the past 12 years after Patrick Read’s initial concept and brain child of an Outdoor Forum for Asian schools/colleges.