Damien Santer

Damien Santer

Curriculum Director, Austere & Emergency Medicine International

Damien Santer is an ALS certified paramedical practitioner and educator.

Having spent the better part of twenty years in the boardroom running technology and management consulting firms, Damien went back to school to achieve his Diploma in Paramedical Science with the mission of driving awareness of the importance of high quality first aid and pre-hospital emergency medicine in the developing world.

In the early 2000’s, Damien was a member and trainer of a multidisciplinary rescue unit in regional NSW, providing vertical, road crash and flood rescue, storm damage support, first aid, general rescue and search and rescue. He was also a NSW State Rescue Board Accredited Operator.

Damien is a Training Advisor to The Scout Association and leads the first aid training team for 28 countries spanning Europe, Africa and Asia. He has qualifications in both technical rope rescue and white-water rescue.

Damien teaches First Aid, Wilderness, Austere, Disaster, and Emergency Medicine for AEMED International, as well as chairing the AEMED Curriculum Advisory Committee.