Garrie Jones

Garrie Jones

Outdoor Associate

With over 30 years experience in the outdoor Education industry, Garrie has worked in a variety of Roles in UK local Authority outdoor education centres, delivering National governing Body awards, coaching outdoor recreation Diploma, students. This has included Management roles in private outdoor providers, The Cont school Outdoor Department, Saudi Arabia, The Outdoor Department at Regents school, Pattaya and Currently employed as freelance Outdoor Associate in Thailand. 

His extensive experience with overseas expeditions as a trip leader, including Pre-planning, liaising with schools and 3rd party providers delivering a progressive and inclusive outdoor learning program, has given him a rounded overview of Outdoor Risk management. 

Prior to and during the Pandemic he spent time in the UK dealing with traumatised, emotional behavioural young people, in residential placements. As an immediate response worker for children who have experienced a crisis in their life, using tailored outdoor learning strategies. 

Garrie is now Two years into a carnivore journey.